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Blue House Organics is a 70 acres organic vegetable farm and a farm stay. 20 acres nestled in the beautiful valley along Pemberton Meadows Road,  and 50 acres in Birken BC, both  surrounded  by majestic mountains. The Pemberton farm is only 30 minutes and the Birken farm is 50 minute from Whistler, British Columbia.

Established in 2017, the farm is located along the scenic Ryan River in the Pemberton Meadows Valley above Pemberton, BC.  

The farm is  Certified Organic (PACS # 16-824),  Certified Canada GAP – Food Safety  # C0507300-CGAPSNGL1, licensed Buy Local BC # 19C-0243, and is part of the Pemberton Farm Tour in the Pemberton Meadows Road.   The farm  nourishes the Sea-to-Sky and Vancouver communities with sustainably and lovingly grown produce.

We have a very special soil.  We are blessed with a magical loamy soil. It means that our soil has  nutrients to feed the plants and a texture that holds water long enough for plant roots to access it, but well-draining enough that the roots are not sitting in water.  The perfect combination of clay, silt and sand, makes our veggies grow ideally. It gets even better,  the facts that  our soil has never been sprayed with non-organic inputs,  our  water is clean, the sun strong and we are in low traffic area,  make  our veggies the best nature had in mind.

We grow varieties of organic vegetables. We aim to incorporate regenerative practices in our methods of production, with proper crop rotation, cover crop and  state of the art equipment, so our soils become part of the carbon sequestration solution to a better environment.  We are excited for the  scale up of our sales and production since 2019. We are also always listening to our customers about new crops to grow! We are Member of the BC  Produce Marketing Association (@BCPMA) .

We offer a unique farm stay (agro-tourism accommodation) for guests who are looking to experience a deeper connection to their food, the people who grow it, and the nature surrounding it. Guests experience a rural, organic farm, observe (and even help in) food production, enjoy food harvested by their own hands, and come away with a more rooted perspective on the local food movement. All within a gorgeous mountain valley only a short distance from Whistler, BC, one of the world’s greatest food, dining, skiing and mountain biking resorts