About us

Blue House Organics is a small-scale, transitional organic farm and farm stay nestled in the mountain meadows of beautiful Pemberton, British Columbia.

Established in 2017, we follow organic practices and our farm has never been sprayed (Transition to Organic certificate number PACS#T-26-824). We are located along the scenic Ryan River in the Pemberton Meadows Valley above Pemberton, BC (1 hour from Squamish and 2 hours from Vancouver). We aspire to nourish the Sea-to-Sky and Vancouver communities with our sustainably and lovingly grown produce.

We grow over 30 varieties of transitional to organic annual vegetables on 1.5 acres and have plans for a fall planting of an additional 1 acre in garlic. With another 10 acres of cultivable land, we are excited and planning to scale up our production with select annual “niche” field crops as well as tree fruits, berries, herbs and maybe even some organically nurtured animals!

We also offer a very unique farm stay (agro-tourism accommodation) for guests who are looking to experience a deeper connection to their food, the people who grow it, and the nature surrounding it. Guests experience a rural, organic farm, observe (and even help in) food production, enjoy food harvested by their own hands, and come away with a more rooted perspective on the local food movement. All within a gorgeous mountain valley only a short distance from one of the world’s greatest food, dining, skiing and mountain biking resorts.


What are we currently growing in our fields?

Arugula – Basil – Beet – Bok Choi – Broccoli – Cabbage – Carrots – Cauliflower – Chard (Swiss) – Cherry Tomato – Cilantro – Cucumber – Dill – Green Beans – Green Onion – Kale (Green) – Kohlrabi – Lettuce Head – Mustard Greens – Mesclun Mix – Parsley – Pepper – Radish – Spinach – Summer squash



“The photos of Alejandro and Julia’s house and the scenery do not do it justice. You can look out on those mountains while relaxing in the pool (and then sit in the sauna). (more…)


“When we found this place it was just recently listed on AIRBNB so there were no reviews yet so we were slightly hesitant but we booked our stay and SO GLAD WE DID! This property is GORGEOUS and pictures don’t do it justice at all!!!! (more…)