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You know exactly where your veggies come from: “Blue House Organics at 8184 Pemberton Meadows Road

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Crops 2020

Broccolini  –  -Cabbage NAPA – Green Onion- Collard – Bok Choi – Fennel –  Garlic -Kolrabi- Kales (green, black and red) – Chard Rainbow


Buy our veggies

Every crop  is grown on our 20-acre organic farm that has never, ever been sprayed. Pemberton Meadows is widely regarded as the best soil in the south coast of BC,  supplying the freshest produce in proximity to Vancouver. Our clean air, water and unique soil (with the right ratio of  sand, clay and silt) combine into the perfect nutrient-rich medium for developing healthy roots and growing amazing veggies.

How to buy our veggies?

Our veggies can be found in major wholesaler and supermarkets in BC and are delivered directly from the farm to the supermarket of your choice !

CSA : Only available for pick up at the FARM.

Another way to get our veggies is by joining our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to receive weekly harvest baskets throughout the growing season. Our CSA program helps us tremendously with crop planning and making seed purchases at the beginning of the season. CSA customers become Blue House Organics Members, giving you access to a 10% discount on Farm Stays at the Blue House, the opportunity to share farming activities with your family and friends at the farm, and other unique events, news and enjoyable ways to get involved.

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What is a CSA?

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture, the customer is purchasing a ‘share’ of Blue House Organics’ Harvest, thereby becoming a Blue Hour Organics member.

To become a member please visit our shop, you can either pay for the season in pre-decided installments or pay for the season in one easy payment.

Blue House Organic’s CSA membership includes 16 weeks of farm fresh vegetables.  That’s $25 a week for a selection of seasonal vegetables!


Please email for more information.

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Our baskets are brimming with a variety of seasonal farm fresh veggies!


Harvest Baskets are available for pick-up at the FARM ONLY @ the Blue House Organics 8184 Pemberton Meadows Road, Pemberton, BC, V0N 2L2.

  • Location Request: If you want to manage another location in Vancouver that would be more convenient for you and a group you organize, please send us a quick message at and let’s have a conversation. We may arrange a convenient location for pick up and  you could become a leader of a group of veggies lovers!

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Help us reduce our packaging waste by bringing your own reusable container or bag!

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We are always looking to improve the quality  and variety of our produce. If you have any thoughts or comments please be sure to let us know. We are truly grateful for your support!

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